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As an audiobook narrator, I strive to bring life to authors' works.  Using a combination of my experiences, training, and a great deal of preparation, I have given a voice to authors across genres.  Here are some of the many titles I have narrated.  All are available on, Kindle, Amazon, and itunes.  Contact me to learn more about my work.

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Back to the Burgh and Beyond

Meet Alexa Owl. She's returned to Pittsburgh to start a new life and a new business, The Owl’s Nest Couturier Shoppe. She gets more than she bargained for: Detective Bobby Starr.  Bobby has been sent back by St. Peter himself to get Alexa’s help to solve three cold case murders he left behind. How in heaven’s name is she supposed to do that? Alexa is a professional seamstress—not a detective. Bobby insists the only way to solve the first case is to return to 1953, and Alexa’s not in love with that idea at all!

How to Build and Sustain a Greenhosue Garden

Gardening is a popular hobby for young and old alike and can provide an education at home for children to better understand where our food comes from. For the beginning gardener who enjoys gardening and wants to take their skills and interest to the 'next level', perhaps it is time to consider investing in a greenhouse. A greenhouse can be a heaven for the hobby gardener; it is a place to fill the hours of late winter in harsh climates, planting and transplanting, and tending to flowers and vegetables.

A Collection of Stories to Honor Ellen Gray Massey

A SPECIAL TRIBUTE:  All of the contributors of the stories and essays in this book were friends and family of author, Ellen Gray Massey.  All of them considered her a model of a strong woman. Most stories are set in the American Ozark Mountain region where Ellen Gray Massey lived, taught creative writing, and published.  In her honor, the contributors donate the proceeds from the sale of this book to charities that helped women. The charities chosen are: New Life Project, Lebanon, Missouri, and Tostan, Dignity for All.

Audiobook Narration: Portfolio
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