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Client 5


"I listened to the audio version of this book, narrated by Maren Swenson Waxenberg. I thought she did a good job with this story. She had fun character voices that brought the story to life!" 

- She Loves Books 

"Maren Swenson Waxenberg’s narration was spot-on. Her intonations made distinguishing between the characters easy to follow, and I immensely enjoyed the cadence. Ms. Waxenberg allowed the humor to show through in her words. It was an enjoyable listen." 

- Amy C  

Client 6


A fabulous 5* review for MURDER ON POINTE #audiobook! " I loved it.

Maren Swenson Waxenberg does her usual magnificent job portraying the various characters. Her inflections make it easy to differentiate the large number of people in the cast. Maren’s voice is so soothing and pleasant, I could listen to her read a phonebook."

- Gina Rae Mitchell/Blogger/Reviewer

Client 4


"Listening to this book far exceeded my audiobook expectations!

The narration, Maren Swenson Waxenberg was fantastic, with great expressionism and very distinct character differentiation.  Oh and the ENERGY!"

- Laura's Interests, Blogger/Reviewer

Maren Swenson Waxenberg was able to make each character’s voice distinct without doing anything too distracting or unnatural. I loved the Irish accents used for appropriate characters, and appreciate the fact that the rest were fairly neutral American. I’m glad to hear that Maren is the narrator on all of the audiobooks we were offered during this blog tour.  I look forward to listening to this voice reading me another story!

- Jenna Rideout

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